In order to make this Summer interesting and memorable for all our students and their families, we have organised fantastic daily excursions through Belgrade and Serbia. Througout this Summer you will have an opportunity to get closer to Serbian culture and tradition and discover some of the most beautiful treasures Serbia has to offer. We have arranged a Tour guide for you free of charge for the whole Summer, but of course, any generous tips would be very welcome!

In case you need us to organise minibus transportation for you, please specify in the registration form.

In order to secure your place on our Summer Excursions, it is necessary to make a deposit of $40. The reservation must be paid at least five days before the date of the excursion.

All details including Excursion Timetable and recommended Expenses can be found on the links below:

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Timetable – Excursions


Recommended age: 4–14, the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language, history, art history and religious education from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School and the icon painter, Deacon Nikola Lubardić.


The personality and cult of Saint Sava are of exceptional importance for the Serbian people. The goal of this excursion is to learn who Saint Sava was and why he is important for the Serbian history. The gathering place will be Karadjordjev Park, where we will organize a sack race in order to warm up and prepare for the upcoming adventures. Then we will enter this magnificent temple, the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans, which was completed and consecrated this year after 100 years of construction. Inside, we will talk about Saint Sava and the temple itself. What we learn will help us when we play the “Scavenger hunt” game, whose goal is to find in the temple pictures and details assigned by the instructor. After that, we will go down to the crypt of the temple, learn the basics of icon painting and try to draw what we liked the most in the temple. After these activities to refresh ourselves, we will have lunch and finish the excursion with a game of football and frisbee in the famous Karaђorђev Park.

Excursion timetable:

09.00–10.00 – meeting in Karađorđev Park, sack race;

10.00–10.30 – a visit to the temple;

10.30–11.00 – “Scavenger hunt” game;

11.00–12.00 – icon painting in the crypt;

12.00–13.00 – lunch;

13.00–14.00 – “Black Sheep” ice cream and a walk in Vračar;

14.00–15.30 – football and frisbee in the park;

15.30 – the end of the excursion.


Recommended age: 4–14, the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language and history from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School, and “Zoran” Multi Creative Studio.


Have you ever wondered what is hidden among the ancient walls of the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade? The Belgrade Fortress offers a handful of possibilities. This time, we decided to solve the mystery of the buried treasure by solving the riddles. In a creative way, through the game, we will learn about the rich history of this fortress and our capital. After finding the treasure, we will rest and play the game “I spy with my little eye” in the shade of the Kalemegdan Park. Then we will continue our research and talk about what it was like to conquer the Belgrade fortress throughout history. After that we will play a football match on a spacious field near the Nebojsa Tower. It was at this place, many years ago, that our ancestors played the first football match in the history of Serbia. When we get tired of playing football, we will refresh ourselves with a fruit snack. Our excursion will continue with the outdoor exhibition of the Military Museum, where we will see numerous exhibits, such as tanks, cannons and rockets. We will have lunch in a restaurant on the bank of the Sava river, and for the end we will go to the “sweetest” place  ‒ the Museum of Chocolate! Each of the participants will be able to make a chocolate treat on their own and eat it at the end of the museum tour.

Excursion timetable:

09.00–10.00 – treasure hunt;

10.00–10.30 – “I spy with my little eye” game;

10.30–11.00 – conquering the fortress;

11.00–12.00 – a football match and snack;

12.00–13.00 – a visit to the The Military Museum;

13.00–14.30 – lunch in a restaurant in Benton Hala;

14.30–15.30 – a visit to the The Museum of Chocolate;

15.30 – the end of the excursion.


Recommended age: 4–14 , the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language, history, art history and religious education from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School and the Sailing Club PS Tek Racing.


The Great War Island hides many mysteries, and in order to discover them, we will embark on an adventure on the waves of the Danube river. On the bank of the river, we will first warm up and prepare for rowing, as we will reach our first destination, paddling on boards. This is a unique opportunity for children to row and feel the river. We will disembark on the bank and then talk about the birds that inhabit this unique oasis in the city center. The Great War Island is located on the path of migratory birds, so about 1,200 species can be encountered here during their migration, which is why this special place is protected by law. We will have snack on a beautiful small beach. Then we will return to the stand-up paddle boards and paddle all the way to the Golijaš canal, which is located on the other side of the island, directly at the confluence of the Sava and Danube offering an extraordinary view of old Belgrade and Kalemegdan. After a short break, we will continue to the Little War Island, where we will learn why it used to be called the Horse Island. Šajkaši, the fearsome soldiers who belonged to the river fleet used to sail the Danube. They maneuvered skillfully and attacked enemies, winning numerous victories. They sailed in narrow, long ships, known as šajke. We will hear a lot about their courage and find out interesting things about them. The rivers brought many benefits to the city of Belgrade, but at the same time, they made the city a frequent target of numerous conquerors. We will also mention naval battles, and then, rowing back to the bank, we will finish our adventure and arrive in time for a well-deserved lunch. After lunch, we will have the opportunity to practice the fantastic Balance board exercises that consist of balancing on a board that waves and shakes. Thanks to these exercises we will learn to maintain balance even in difficult conditions. We end our excursion with this half-hour training.

Excursion timetable:

09.00 – meeting in a raft restaurant near the “Yugoslavia” Hotel;

9.00–10.00 – Briefing, safety and warm-up exercises, preparation for board paddling;

10.00–10.30 – introduction to rowing and stand-up board training;

10.30–11.30 – rowing to the island;

11.30–12.15 – a lecture on birds and snack time;

12.15–13.00 – Skimboarding / Games without borders on water

13.00-14.00 – rowing to Golijaš, a break, a lecture on rivers;

14.00–15.00 – The Little War island, a short break;

15.00–16.00– return to the raft restaurant and lunch;

16.00–16.30 – Balance board exercises;

17.00 – the end of the excursion.


Recommended age: 4-14, the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language and history from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School, “Zoran” Multi Creative Studio and The Society of Knights “Sve.Arh”.


We have been learning about Vuk throughout the year in our online classes, and now time has come to visit his homeland and show how well we have mastered the Cyrillic alphabet. We will start our excursion with a visit to Tršić, the birthplace of the Serbian language reformer Vuk Stefanović Karadžić. There, we will first play a game (a sack race) in order to warm up for the adventures that await us. After that, we will visit Vuk’s birthplace where we will hear many interesting stories about Vuk’s childhood and growing up, but also about his activities and how significant his work was for the Serbian language and culture. After visiting Vuk’s house, we will have picnic lunch on the grass, where we will enjoy the food and the beauties of the nature that surround us. After lunch, we will  return to games and have fun playing football on a spacious field within the complex.

The next destination is the Tronoša monastery, where Vuk Stefanović Karadžić once learned to read and write. Not far from the Tronoša monastery, there is a fountain with cold spring water, which, according to a legend, was built by the Jugović brothers and the old Jug Bogdan. In the shade of trees, we will organize a Land Art workshop and with the materials that we can find in nature, we will make our own works of art in the shape of the Serbian Cyrillic letters. After the workshop, we will visit the monastery and hear interesting stories about the history and legends related to it. In the end, we will have a fruit snack to prepare us for our return to Belgrade.

Excursion timetable:

08.00  – departure;

10.30 – arrival to Tršić;

10.30-11.00 – a sack race;

11.00-12.00 – a visit to Vuk’s house;

12.00-13.00 – lunch;

14.00-15.00 – football game;

15.00-16.00 – Land Art workshop;

16.00-16.30 – a visit to Tronoša Monastery;

16.30 – departure for Belgrade (after snack).


Recommended age: 4-14, the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language and history from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School, “Zoran” Multi Creative Studio and The Society of Knights “Sve.Arh”.


This excursion is a wonderful time machine that takes us back in time all the way to the Middle Ages. We will meet the Serbian medieval knights and learn about their weapons, their fights and battles and what it meant to be a knight. The Society of Knights “Sve. Arh.” will take us on this journey. Our first destination will be the monastery of Tresije, where we will meet our knights, play a game “The Knight’s Relay” and refresh ourselves with a snack. After that we will head to the monastery of St. Nicholas in Pavlovac. There, after visiting the monastery, our knights will organize an exhibition of weapons and a fencing class. Then, we will continue our journey to the “Amerić” ethno village where we will learn how to shoot arrows with a bow and to ride horses, and where we will witness the famous Serbian hospitality and culinary skills, enjoying the Serbian traditional lunch. Finally, we will visit Crkvine, the place where Despot Stefan went hunting. In the end, before returning to Belgrade, we will play the shepherd’s games.

Excursion timetable:

09.00 – departure from Belgrade;

10.00-11.00 – a visit to Tresije Monastery, “The Knights’ Relay” game, snack;

11.00-12.00 – a visit to the St.Nicolas Monastery; exhibition of weapons;

12.00-13.00 – fencing class;

13.00-14.00 – lunch;

14.00-14.45 – shooting arrows with a bow;

14.45-15.30 – riding horses;

15.30-16.30 – Crkvine, shepherd’s games;

16.30 – departure for Belgrade.


Recommended age: 4-14, the group is accompanied by an adult

Organization: teachers of the Serbian language and history from the “Sava” Online School, PE teachers from the “Zvezdobrojci” Elementary School.


We will start the excursion with a visit to the Adventure Park, where we will go through the polygon with obstacles and the altitude and adrenaline-filled zipline polygon. In order to experience the spirit of the Roman era in a unique way, we will dress up in costumes, designed as the clothes of Ancient Rome, and then we will go over various obstacles, named after the famous Roman emperors. (The condition for entering the park is the height of the child; the child must be more than 120 cm tall). Along with this activity, another group of children will participate in an old crafts workshop where they will learn to make mosaics and the basics of pottery. After the Adventure Park and the workshops, we will move on to an exciting activity ‒ exploring the archeological site of Viminacium, which hides numerous mysteries about the life of the Ancient Romans on the territory of today’s Serbia. After the tour of Viminacium, we will have a lunch break, and then we will head to Smederevo.

Our next destination will be the medieval Smederevo fortress from the 15th century, where we will talk about the medieval history and the time when Smederevo was the capital of Serbia. First, we will play football and fly dragon kites on the fortress, in the place where there used to be the Big City, and after that we will start exploring The Small City, a place where there used to be the court where the Serbian despots from the Brankovic family lived. We will end our visit to Smederevo with a workshop where we will learn how to make paper boats that we will let sail down the river.

Excursion timetable:

09.00 – departure from Belgrade;

10.00-11.00 – Adventure Park and the workshop;

11.00-12.30 – a guided visit to Viminacium;

12.30-13.30 – lunch;

13.30-14.30 – playing footbal, flying kites;

14.30-15.30 – a visit to the Smederevo fortress;

15.30-16.30 – making paper boats;

16.30 – departure for Belgrade.