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Elementary school "Zvezdobrojci" presents Sava Online School of Serbian Language, Culture and Tradition

Welcome to a unique interactive teaching program for children from the Serbian diaspora!

Sava online school is an innovative, dynamic and unconventional teaching program of the Serbian language, culture and tradition, building bridges between new generations in the diaspora and the home country of Serbia. We aspire to bring new generations closer to the language, history, customs and other features of the climate they come from, enrich their lives and contribute to the Serbian cultural heritage finding its place wherever people of our origin live.

Sunday, December 06, 2020

With the blessings of His Graces The Right Reverend Longin Bishop of New Gracanica – Midwestern America, The Right Reverend Irinej Bishop of Eastern America, The Right Reverend Maksim Bishop of Western America, The Right Reverend Siluan Bishop of Australia and New Zeland, The Right Reverend Andrej Bishop of Austria and Switzerland.

How was the idea for the “Sava” program born?

The idea for the Sava Online School of Serbian Language, Culture and Tradition came, first of all, from the knowledge of the diaspora’s great need for quality teaching of Serbian language that would enable our children around the world to master Serbian at the level of native speakers. On the other hand, our school is open to every family and child wishing to learn a new language and get to know another culture and thus enrich their world.

Knowledge of the language and culture from which one roots provides not only a connection with one’s origins and family, but also the opportunity to get to know oneself better. The language we speak also affects the way we perceive reality and think, so knowing different languages ​​provides a wealth of perspectives.

Who is behind the idea?

The initiators and creators of the “Sava” program are people with a vision of quality and modern education in the Serbian language, and not only when it comes to online teaching. Our educational mission is to raise the level of quality of curricula, programs, methods, work organization and the position of teachers in Serbia. We are a team of parents, teachers, pedagogues, professors, educators, programmers, enthusiasts and drivers of change in society aspiring to create space for innovative, well-founded and accessible-to-all top education. The team consists of the founders and teachers of the Elementary school “Zvezdobrojci”, eminent experts from Serbia and the world in the field of teaching Serbian language, foreign languages, history, art, modern educational technologies.

What is the pedagogical concept of the Sava online school?

The concept of the online school is based on modern language teaching methods for young children, which include communication, motion, learning through discovery, socio-emotional learning and nurturing the attitude that everyone can increase their potential if they invest enough effort. Teaching is also approached from two aspects. One concerns the development needs and abilities of each age group, and the other aspect refers to language competencies at each of the three levels of knowledge of the Serbian language. Special attention is paid to the selection of the most efficient methods and forms of online work that will stimulate children’s interest, motivation and joy in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

How did we put the state-of-the-art technology in the service of learning the Serbian language?

Constant monitoring of the latest technological achievements applicable in the field of education, as well as knowledge of children’s nature and developmental characteristics allows us to create fun, innovative and efficient synchronous and asynchronous online activities that encourage not only the development of language competencies but also creativity and higher cognitive functions.

A completely different school in Serbia

We train teachers and educators

We offer different summer camps

The promotional price is 19.700,00 RSD per month, for the first year of learning the Serbian language. The second child in the family has a 25% discount, the third 50%, the fourth 75%!

The promotional price is around:

197 USD,
170 EUR,
183 CHF,
265 CAD,
275 AUD…

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee




Here you can see the tables for assessing the level of knowledge of the Serbian language for ages 4 to 6, as well as for ages 7 to 12.

What parents say about our school